Silicon vs. Rubber Wiper Blades

Monsoon season had finally arrived in Tucson! Over time your wiper blades become damaged and wear out – even quicker in an extreme environment like the one we live in. Synthetic wiper blades (also known as silicon wiper blades) are of higher quality and perform better than a blade made from rubber. Using advanced technology, these wiper blades provide a multitude of benefits that drivers don’t get with conventional rubber wiper blades.

Conventional rubber wiper blades tend to break down much quicker in extreme weather climates (very cold and very hot temperatures). When exposed to long periods of sun, like our HOT Tucson summers, they may become dry and stiff. Silicone wiper blades will out-perform conventional wiper blades when it comes to longevity. They are able to withstand the heat and other elements with little to no fatigue.

Silicone wipers create a hydrophobic barrier on windshields that cause rainwater to bead off, making them more effective and allowing for better visibility. Conventional wiper blades usually have a coating of graphite on them but do not leave a protective layer behind. Silicone wipers may be the best choice for those who are looking for an eco-friendly windshield wiper. They are biodegradable and fully recyclable, unlike ordinary rubber wipers. Because silicon rubber is not a petroleum-based product, it requires no oil during the manufacturing process.

No matter what kind of wiper blade you choose, it is important to inspect your wiper blades regularly and to make sure your wiper blades are in good working order, especially before the monsoons start.

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